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Resources for online learning

For primary

  • The Safe Place  – Level 1: An example of how process drama can be used to motivate a shared reading of a text and actively explore its meaning. The use of a variety of drama conventions underpin the structure.
  • A Special Gift  – Levels 1 & 2: This drama demonstrates how a Ready to Read text (A Quilt for Kiri) can be explored in more depth using process drama as a teaching tool, and incorporating other Ministry of Education resources as appropriate. It supports collaboration between arts disciplines.
  • Huia beak brooch: 'I just didn't think!'  – Level 3: Students use a Te Papa digital resource to explore conservation of nature and our individual responsibility for the depletion of our natural resources. They use drama to create a fictitious situation where a person in the past is forced to face up to her small part in causing the extinction of a species.
  • Who's to Blame?  – Level 3: This process drama was written to explore the effects of crisis on families and the wider community. The context can be changed by using a different form of crisis.
  • Eco Ads  – Levels 3 & 4: Andrea Holmes from Glenn Eden Intermediate wrote this advertising unit, based on the environment and combining drama and video. The unit combines the principles of drama for advertising with techniques of video-making and makes use of student self-reflection for assessment.

For secondary

  • No Nukes in the Pacific  – Levels 4 & 5: Students use this Te Papa digital resource (a poster by Pam Debenham) to examine the issues, rights, and responsibilities surrounding civil protest. They use drama to create a fictitious situation where citizens need to band together to protect their rights and to explore how this might be done.
  • Now the the rain has stopped the sheep will be dry enough to shear  – Levels 4 & 5: Students use this Te Papa digital resource by Ans Westra to explore, through drama, stresses that arise from being faced with situations outside our experience. They use drama to create a character and trace what happens to him in a situation where he feels very inadequate.
  • Radio Drama: Dow Down Shadrach  – Level 6: A teaching and learning resource developed around a radio play by Miriam Smith, produced by Radio New Zealand in 2004. The radio play is about three siblings who attempt a daring rescue of their Clydesdale horse Shadrach when he is sold for pet food. It was adapted from the novel of the same name by Joy Cowley.
  • NZ Monologues  – Levels 6–8: A selection of monologues from New Zealand plays for classroom drama performance and for study.
  • NZ Theatre: The Pohutukawa Tree & Purapurawhetū Case Studies  – Levels 7 & 8: Based on a comparison of the two New Zealand plays written 50 years apart – The Pohutukawa Tree by Bruce Mason and Purapurawhetū by Briar Grace-Smith – and the bicultural landscape between them.
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