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Resources for online learning

For primary

  • Dancing in a Bubble – Julie Cadzow’s reworked resource.
  • Semaphore  – a fun unit of work for upper primary levels, but also suitable for years 9 & 10 to do at home.

For secondary

  • Black Grace Footage  – great for students to watch and learn from, with introductions by Neil Ieremia.
  • NCEA Dance Study Guide – online copies of the ESA for your students
  • Brouhaha – a choreographic manual that works well for all senior levels. Contact Cathy Livermore at cathy.livermore@nzdc.org.nz to order copies.
  • Coventry Carol sequence – re-edited to the required 3-6 minutes for assessment. A full unit of work is available in the NCEA Level One Dance Study  Guide. NZDC request that each teacher pay $11.50 for the resource. They will then send the link to email out to all your students for direct access, with no additional payment necessary.
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