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Waiopehu College

Composer Annabel Alpers works with music students in class and with school bands

About the School

Waiopehu College is a decile 2 school with approximately 650 students, and is situated in Levin. The music department is very well developed and receives strong support from the school's management team and the BOT.

What the Artist Discovered

  • I had time to work on my album while being financially supported.
  • I discovered a genuine enjoyment of working with budding composers and recording artists. It's something I'd like to pursue further- sharing my expertise with young musicians.
  • I got a genuine sense of fulfillment from seeing some of the students develop as composers.
  • I've managed to gain some extra employment from Waiopehu College once the programme finishes.
  • I am taking advantage of the local musical talent for some of my recordings, including a school bagpipe player, the flute group, some singers and the Levin Brass Band.
  • It has been helpful for female students to see a woman making music on computers.
  • Using the resource money towards purchasing a mixing desk for the recording studio was an enormous strength. It made it possible for me to directly apply my skills as a recording artist towards helping students develop skills in that area.
  • I was an important role model for the students

What the Teacher discovered

  • I shared knowledge about composition and gained skills around recording
  • It gave us impetus to finish the recording suite, purchasing a mixing desk and rewarding software
  • Students learned new skills. Two female students in particular have been inspired by having a female role model and mentor in Annabel
  • Third placing for two students in regional Rockquest heats. A direct result from working with Annabel
  • Students have gained skills in the recording studio and can share this with others
  • We have had some really exciting outcomes. It is so inspiring!

What the tsudents thought and learned

  • Annabel gave me good ideas for my composition. She helped it quite dramatically actually.
  • She sees what you see, whereas the teacher gives you information. Because she is a composer she knows what you are doing.
  • Her music composition is based on loops. And now I've worked this into my own stuff.
  • She helped me compose all my music. It's been a great help. It's good to have experienced people like her.
  • Her style is the style we are into. Her music has a cool sound. I like it. It helps me to compose.
  • We learned about how to write songs. And how to be motivated too. Some weeks we'd get a whole hour or more with her. It's been really cool.
  • She helped set up the recording studio. We've learned how to use the programme so we can do it ourselves.
  • She's working while we are. She performed some of her songs for us. She shows us how she is developing her own compositions. She's really open about it.
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