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Mount Cook School

Lyne Pringle works as a dance artist with all classes at Mount Cook Primary school in Wellington

Mount Cook Students Dancing


About the school

Mount Cook is a decile 2 inner city Wellington school with a role of 150. It is a multi-ethnic school with many students who have English as a second language. The whole school, with the exception of 30 senior students, was involved in the dance project

What the artist discovered

  • I learned a lot about pedagogy watching the teachers at Mt Cook.
  • I have a deeper understanding of the different requirements of each age group.
  • The curiosity and joy of inquiry that very young children bring to learning has been a delight for me.
  • The level of absolute satisfaction I have gained creatively from this residency has been a pleasant surprise.
  • Bringing together my work at Wellington Performing Arts Centre & Mt Cook school meant these two institutions got to know each other, enhancing a sense of community in this inner city area.
  • Linking the project with Wellington High School, Strike music ensemble and local residents was a great success.
  • The project afforded me the opportunity to develop my ideas about using dance & theatre to build communities.

What the teacher discovered

  • We were enthusiastic, engaged & took part in the dance sessions
  • It exposed us to a whole area we don't have strengths in
  • It reaffirmed our desire to offer the students a wide variety of arts opportunities
  • We saw individual children flourish who were quite unexpected- cross-culture and cross-gender
  • Lyne Pringle was an incredibly easy colleague to work with- inclusiveness, enthusiasm, skill level made it easy for all of us to be engaged
  • The opportunity for the whole school to be involved over a term
  • We were impressed at the skill level the students achieved over a ten week period

Mount Cook School Parade

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