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  • One Teacher's Journey – Hamilton East Primary School

    This case study focuses on the personal and professional journey of one teacher as she embarked on implementing drama into her classroom.

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  • Whole School Drama – Half Moon Bay

    This "mini" case study describes how the students at Half Moon Bay School, their teacher and the drama adviser, worked together to develop a whole school drama exploring how people react when faced with a controversial issue. In this case, the issue related to a conflict between a land developer and a "concerned citizens group".

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  • Multidisciplinary Drama Performance – Otahuhu College

    This case study describes how the Otahuhu College drama department developed a multicultural and multidisciplinary drama performance based on the Māori myth about Tamatane. Auckland City Council invited Kerry Lynch (HoD Otahuhu College) and 12 of his students to develop and perform the dramatic work to promote Auckland Day to the people of Guangzhou (Auckland's sister city in China).

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