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Hāpuku School

Region: Nelson/Marlborough/West Coast

Art form: Film

Project name: Te Kura o Hāpuku Prospectus Video

Creative name: Haimona Ngata

Project Information

We will visually recreate the values of Te Kura o Hāpuku by showing a day in the life of ākonga/students. We aim to bring to life what is normally written in a school prospectus, honouring the school’s history and whakapapa and past principals and whānau that have helped sustain the school’s character so that students and whānau today can participate in Māori curriculum. The school has also undergone a refresh and its vibrancy shows through the ākonga, new principal and kaimahi, kaiako to its new buildings, signage, playground and coming soon a Puna Reo. The school is about to consult on its strategic plan that will replace the school charter, so this is an important stepping-stone in the school’s history.

Students have whakapapa so their experience is very much the owner of the project and narrative. There will be a large component filmed at the marae and in class, as well as some background from whānau and alumni, past students and older siblings, and aunts and uncles to the current tamariki.  Students will be hands on in the writing, narration, performance, and waiata. They will learn planning, production, behind and in front of the camera, lighting, sound recording and interview techniques. It will be an exciting collaboration and view from the eyes of the tamariki.

Whakapapa is our matua kauapapa this term so the learnings from this term will be carried forward to the creation of this video. We will also build on technology learning such as drone photography, astronomy and telescopes. With social media, Tiktok and YouTube, we want to also teach students about the different types of media and how this video differs in terms of preparation and storytelling.

The project will range from editing to first cut, and then platforms for the video to be shown with a final presentation to whānau at the Mangamāūnu and Takahanga Marae.

Project starting: February 2023

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