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Halfmoon Bay School

Region: Otago/Southland

Art form: Visual Arts

Project name: Rakiura Through the Lens of Tamariki

Creative name: Hannah Watkinson

Project Information:

‘Rakiura Through the Lens of Tamariki’ is a place-based photography project. Separated into three skill levels to encompass the age range of students at Halfmoon Bay School, the project explores documentary photography, place-based art and technology. Year 7 & 8 students will focus on documentary-style photographic work about their community, making portrait and contextual photographs of a cross-section of its people with an aim to contribute towards an increased knowledge, perception, appreciation and tolerance of one another and their surrounding environment. This will be supplemented by technical workshops to enable an understanding of the photographic medium, process, and use of DSLR cameras, editing software and printers. Years 4, 5 & 6 students will focus on technical elements of using a DSLR camera, gaining an understanding of exposure and composition while applying learning about shutter speed and aperture to document the local flora and fauna. Junior students will use iPads to compose, frame and capture landscapes which focus on lines, shapes and colours.

Ultimately, the project will culminate in an exhibition that the students will form. Students from each group will photograph, discuss, edit and print their images with the artist and their teachers to be installed in a gallery space, and then host their wider whānau for an exhibition opening discussion around what they have created and learned.

Project starting: February 2023

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