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Glen Eden Intermediate

Region: Auckland

Art form: Visual Arts

Project name: Glen Eden Intermediate Mural Project

Creative name: Lucia Laubscher

Project Information:

The project plans to beautify existing blank spaces in the school. The current murals reflect different cultures at the school and the creative aim would be to make connections between the old and new murals. Students will have the opportunity to work with an established artist, learn techniques that they might not otherwise be exposed to, and understand the process of mural making from planning through to completion.

Students will be involved with the planning of the murals from the beginning – brainstorming ideas, creating initial drawings and linking cultural identities from within the school and wider community. The plan for the one in the gymnasium will also explore photographic conventions which will transpire into painted images connected by cultural signs and symbols, again reflecting the different cultures within our school.

They would then create initial drawings and colour swatches which with artist and teacher approval would transpire into murals. Each area where murals are to be created would have slightly different themes. The gym for example, would reflect the sporting achievements of students at the school and the many sporting codes our students are involved in. The Technology block would reflect the different subjects taught within it. The toilet block mural would complement the mural already on the boys' side which has pictures of role models and motivational quotes.

Project starting: February 2023

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