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Devon Intermediate School

Region: Taranaki/Whanganui/Manawatu

Art form: Visual Arts

Project name: Kaitiakitanga (Guardianship and Protection)

Creative name: Heidi Griffin

Project Information:
The Land is considered a resource to be respected according to the principles of Kaitiakitanga and our identity is linked to our maunga and awa.

Ko Taranaki te maunga.

Ko Mangaotuku te awa.

The school community will work together to create a large outdoor mural and a painted panel for the school reception/foyer area. In the coming months, Sustainable Taranaki will work with students to educate them on protecting and nurturing our environment; this will continue next year. Students will be Wai-tiaki warriors who will have hands-on experience exploring nature. The main focus will be learning about and looking after the awa that runs through the school grounds. The art project will link with this; students will learn about Kaitiahitanga of our awa, native trees, plants, and birds. Students will build creative skills in drawing and painting, and improve core competencies while deepening their understanding of the Kaiitakitanga of their local whenua. This will strengthen our localised curriculum making learning meaningful and rich, celebrating our special and unique surroundings.

The mural will be vibrant and colourful enhancing and transforming an exterior grey wall in a busy area of the school. The painted panel for the school reception area will echo the Kaitiakitanga theme of the mural and display the importance of conservation, restoration, and sustainability in our local area.

Students will experience working first-hand with a local artist brainstorming ideas, and developing observational drawing and painting skills and techniques. They will develop connections to the local area, explore our beautiful Taranaki surroundings, and understand the importance of protecting and respecting our environment for future generations.

Project starting: February 2023

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