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Central Auckland Specialist School

Region: Auckland

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary

Project name: Authentic Living (Movement) and Creative Arts (Visual)

Creative name:

Project Information:
We wish to provide all our learners the opportunity to express their creativity through movement and visual arts, experience joy and connection, increase communication and communication intent, and develop their self-regulatory skills with the support of movement and visual arts.

Our learners have a range of special needs, including cerebral palsy, autism spectrum and other developmental disorders, genetic disorders such as Down syndrome, complex medical conditions, traumatic brain injuries, mental health disorders, exposure to family violence and neglect, and poor community engagement due to socioeconomic challenges. Due to their physical, cognitive and behavioural challenges, the vast majority of our clients cannot participate in community activities such as dance, drama and art. Movement and visual arts provides them with the chance to express themselves, develop independence, engage with their community, and develop meaningful relationships. These art forms almost universally bring joy and have a positive impact on mental health. All of these benefits are vital for our learners.

The partnership between the creative and the teacher may lead to an increased understanding of the student's preferences, impact of movement and art options for self-regulation and learning. It provides our learners with an added layer of exposure to rich and good quality learning experiences, which they might not otherwise have.

Project starting: July 2023

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