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Bromley School

Region: Canterbury

Art form: Ngā Toi Māori

Project name: Bromley Weaving Project

Creative name:

Project Information:
The aim of the project is to allow all students to experience harakeke weaving within a Kaupapa of Te Ao Maori lens so that they are able to successfully produce a piece of work. And for a smaller regular group to also further explore weaving in order to produce a collaborative piece of art to share with the school. Each student in the school will experience harakeke weaving to produce an individual piece of work. This piece will vary depending on the ages of the tamariki but could include putiputi or kete.

The educational aims of the project are focussed around:

  •  increasing understanding of weaving as a form of art used to express ourselves and as a useful tool/material in Te Ao Maori
  • the tikanga involved around harvesting and using harakeke
  • how the local environment provides materials for early Maori to live and survive
  • how the material can be worked to create pieces for use or for decoration
  • and how an artist learns and creates works for the wider community including the local and global world.

Project starting: February 2023

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