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Breens Intermediate School

Region: Canterbury

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary

Project name: Active Kids TV

Creative name:

Project Information:
Our creative  is an industry professional in broadcasting, with an expertise in live streaming large events including a dedicated multimedia learning platform that brings together different assets of digital technologies to enhance and celebrate existing teaching and learning in schools. It aims to build confidence across a wide range of students in order to use live streaming tools, leading to creating a programme to film, record and share multimedia communications into the wider school community. Creative aims include setting up children to be effective collaborators within a creative environment, developing strategies to effectively take on board constructive criticism and the sharing of ideas.

Through the programme, children are brought together to discover their potential as broadcasters. Within each element there are technical variations to learn. The programme will cover a range of technical elements of camera, lighting and sound. This will follow a process that includes setting up children as an effective team, as well as giving them opportunities to learn and develop skills to manage industry quality broadcasting equipment and processes.

Ethically, Children will have gained an understanding of legal obligations of broadcasting, both visual and sound. By the end of the programme, children will develop the confidence and ability as a team to plan, evaluate and run a live stream programme. This will include content relevant to the school's current events, achievements and extra-curricular activities.

Project starting: February 2023

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