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Bayfield High School

Region: Otago/Southland

Art form: Music

Project name: Promoting Diversity and Accessibility Within the Music Industry

Creative name: Abby Wolfe

Project Information:
The New Zealand Music Industry, much like many creative industries, leaves a lot to be desired in regards to promoting diversity, particularly around gender equality. From headlining acts at music festivals, to producers, to managers and promoters, the New Zealand Music Industry caters strongly to cis, straight, white males. As a queer, female artist and producer herself, Abby aims to use the Creatives in Schools programme to support local talent and encourage diversity across many areas of the industry. Specifically working in the areas of songwriting workshops, recording workshops, production, and understanding the music industry.

This project aims to not only provide students with the tools required for writing and producing their own music, but also with the ability to collaborate and share this knowledge with others. This will allow Bayfield High School to utilise the skills of the students from this programme to support future students to benefit from the programme through the ongoing shared knowledge from the original project.

Students will be supported to complete an original song. Our creative will work with students to allow them to understand software such as Logic X Pro and ProTools (commonly used by producers in the music industry), while also providing them with the knowledge on how to set up a recording studio in regard to interfaces, correct microphone technique, and live recording instruments. Students will then work to produce their own songs by editing vocals, adding further instrumentation and mixing/mastering their recordings.

Project starting: January 2023

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