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Awakeri School

Region: Bay of Plenty/Waiariki

Art form: Theatre

Project name: Awakeri School Musical Theatre Project

Creative name: Jessie Rosewarne

Project Information:
We want to show our Year 5 to 8 students a window into what the Arts are like in a very safe and fun environment. We want to encourage students and whānau to participate and to learn as a team and as individuals. Theatre provides an opportunity to increase engagement, self-esteem and confidence. Costumes and staging will be created by the students with specific designs from their learnt experiences. Local talent will be invited to assist with lighting design, dance and movement, music and theatre craft.  Students will be able to express themselves in a safe and monitored manner through the art of creating and performing a musical production.

To accommodate a wider variety of roles we will include additional characters in the scripts. These roles will include an aspect of our local mythology, pūrākau and history of our school area. This theatre project will seek to include up to 180 students from Years 5 to 8 in a full stage performance of a popular musical, a localised version of Shrek. We also seek to develop leadership in the Performing Arts amongst our students and staff, so that the outcomes are sustainable and enduring.

The students will perform three shows for friends and whānau.

Project starting: May 2023

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