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Albany Senior High School

Region: Auckland

Art form: Dance

Project name: Dance Me Well

Creative name:

Project Information: [Project information summary]
This choreographic project is a collaboration between 15 to 30 year 11 to 13 students at Albany Senior High School (ASHS), the school’s Dance teacher, and the creative. It is proposed as a school Impact Project, providing real-world learning experiences exploring a “How can we?” provocation.

All activities will take place at Albany Senior High School, throughout term 2 & 3, 2023. The project is focussed around a choreographic process, leading the student dancers through the creative activities of conceptualisation/thematic research, task design, movement generation, refining/manipulating movement, group work, including contact partnering, structuring, rehearsing, performing, and reflecting. Within the choreographic process, oftentimes ‘wellness’ lurks in the background of the performers' physical, emotional, intellectual, creative and social experiences. This project brings wellness to the forefront of the performers’ focus and invites them to consider what this might mean at every step of the way through the choreographic process.

The concept of wellness filters through each step of the project, including the creation of a manifesto/Kaupapa to guide the group, inviting the wider school and dancers’ whānau into the process to contribute, reflect and question our ideas. Through this we anticipate deeper understanding and appreciation of what wellness can mean to different people. The performance will be shared in the school theatre with full performance elements to ASHS, Albany Junior High School, and school whānau. We will draw from ASHS student counselling staff for support through the project, and encourage students to access these services.

Project starting: April 2023

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