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Witherlea School

Region: Nelson/Marlborough/West Coast

Art form: Theatre

Project name: Emotional Regulation Drama Support

Creative name

Project information: The aim is to provide a series of weekly workshops (one per week for the year) for small groups in order for students to build a relationship and trust with our creative. They will then focus on self-regulation skills, culminating in a performance to showcase their skills in movement and expression. 

We have many students with increasing anxiety and inability to self-regulate, which is leading to violence and/or withdrawal. We know theatre gives young people a language of another dimension. Children will be able to experience the world through movement, sensation, feeling and thought guided by the expertise of our creative. She will encourage them to express unknown feelings and unspeakable words and pause for reflection, and therefore building a stable ground for learning. The way our creative works with groups and individuals stimulates positive change and helps them to focus on understanding concepts in greater depth. 

Movement, writing, reading, and spoken word are equally important, however many of our struggling students are finding the classroom difficult. Giving them a unique opportunity in a completely different space to develop body awareness, coordination, and emotional regulation will be the key factor in lifting well-being and confidence and instilling a love of learning.

Project starting: February 2022

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