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Western Springs College

Region: Auckland

Art form: Fashion Design

Project name: Upcycle Design

Creative name

Project information: This project will be a 20-week programme providing students the opportunity to learn skills and gain confidence in creative garment construction along with educational insight into the ecological garment industry. The project’s creative lead is an established fashion designer with international experience in the fashion and art industries with a focus on sustainable practices. 

Following the success of the Creatives in Schools ‘Upcycle Design’ program, delivered in 2021 by our creative, the lead teacher has requested elements of the program be offered to Year 9 students to inspire future subject selection. By integrating the relevant principles of ecological sustainability, students will learn practical skills, including how to repurpose second-hand garments into new forms, and develop creative skills of innovation and design thinking. 

Students will be guided through the process of project planning and creative solutions. They will be encouraged to think outside the box to design and construct an authentic upcycled garment. The process will encourage students to see the bigger picture of the creative process as well as the textile industry. It will give the students high-quality guidance through their own design development, pattern drafting, textile application, resource solutions, and technical construction, resulting in a finished design outcome. 

The project will begin with a presentation by our creative and conclude with an installation showcase, including the finished garments/creative projects. The project aims to empower the students with meaningful knowledge, inspiration, skills, confidence, and insight into career opportunities, as well as academic qualifications and portfolio planning.

Project starting: May 2022

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