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Waiuku College

Region: Auckland

Art form: Ngā Toi Māori

Project name: Toi Tu Toi Ora - Contemporary Maaori Art

Creative name: Maaka Potini

Project information: Toi Tu Toi Ora is an artistic journey which allows students to learn, experience, and enhance knowledge of traditional and contemporary Māori art. Toi Tu Toi Ora includes a wide range of flexible, interactive, student-centred activities through which students learn independently, as a class, in pairs, and in groups. 

The project begins with an introduction to Toi Maaori and will cover the origins of the art form and tikanga. The project will take students on a journey of learning around traditional Māori art where they will create their own 3D Marae Model – gaining insight into the parts of a Marae and the traditional designs found in our area of Waikato/Waiuku. The second phase of the project will allow students to learn about contemporary Māori art where they will experience graphic design technology and printmaking, and then develop their own digital creations (Whakakai – Māori jewellery made from wood and/or recyclable material) using laser/router equipment. The final phase of the project will allow students to use knowledge they have gained to collaboratively design new Pou for the front of our Whare at our Kura. 

The overall themes of the project are our local area, our environment, our Whakapapa, our history, and our stories. Students who are a part of the project will present/officiate a final celebration/unveiling of their creations at the end of the project. Whaanau, Hapu and Iwi are invited to this occasion which will allow for our kura to connect and to strengthen relationships.

Project starting: February 2022

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