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Waitākere College

Region: Auckland

Art form: Dance

Project name: Waitākere in Space

Creative name: Sierra Diprose

Project information: This project aims to empower our students to activate their school site through movement, photography, and film. The achievement standard ‘Perform a dance to communicate understanding of the dance’ is popular among our students. They respond best to learner-centred collaborative exchanges that draw on their identity and equip them with new skills. By collaborating with our creative, a local movement and photography practitioner, our diverse students’ experience and unique embodied stories will be built, performed, and captured. Students will create a movement exchange with our creative that leads to a research process and digitally capturing their moving bodies in significant outdoor spaces on our school’s grounds. 

The project will begin with a facilitated creation of a class ensemble work and movement exchange. The second phase of the project is to then teach our students how to digitally capture their movement in the spaces that are important to them around our school. The digital component of the project will be captured in both still image and video. The third and final phase of the project is to hold an exhibition at a local art gallery that will present both the students’ movement photography and movement video project. 

The choreographic process and performance of the work will be an assessment opportunity for all students involved. The Year 13s that perform will gain 4 credits through the achievement standard. In addition to this, students will have a movement film directed by our creative and a series of still images that they have captured. This series of images will then be displayed within the school and in a gallery with student consent. This will represent their creative mahi beyond an assessment video to be filed for marking.

Project starting: February 2022

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