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Waikowhai Intermediate

Region: Auckland

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary

Project name: Finding voice through classical music and performance

Creative name

Project information: Current research speaks to the benefits of music and arts education on hauora/wellbeing. Several studies also document that engagement with the arts and music can help students with mastery of tasks, academic skills, motor skills, and even self-esteem (Costa-Giomi, 2012).

The main outcome of this project is to inspire students to engage in the creative arts through the art form of classical music and performance. Students will acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and attributes to plan, organise, and execute a performance throughout two terms. We aim to help students learn classical music conventions (basic music knowledge, music notation, aural skills) and apply these skills in situ by learning about their voices (and how to use them), role preparation, and character development. Alongside learning about classical music and performance, students will also learn techniques such as professionalism, resilience, mindfulness, and work ethic. Through these activities, we aim to spark a love and appreciation of the arts and performance. 

Our creative and lead teacher will work with the broader community and whānau by enlisting their help to support the performance (advertising and make-up, costume, and set design). The programme also offers many opportunities for the wider community to participate in activities (such as a dress rehearsal and a public lecture) which will allow the wider community to benefit and learn about the arts and performance. These activities will culminate in a performance for whānau and the wider community. 

Our hope is that the students will find their own voice as we work and grow with them through the process of preparing to perform and gain mana and a sense of pride through the process of turning an idea into a reality and engaging with this creative art form. Moreover, the skills and attributes that ākonga learn can be transferred to other educational settings and future learning. By encouraging students to engage with this art form, our goal is to plant seeds for future educational pathways as they transition to high school and provide students with a skill set that will help them achieve in other aspects of their lives.

Project starting: May 2022

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