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Waikowhai Intermediate

Region: Auckland

Art form: Visual Arts

Project name: Creative Art for Well being

Creative name

Project information: We would like to provide 20 lessons in creative art experiences that promote well-being. The current climate in New Zealand’s society expresses concern about the mental well-being of our children. In developing Waikowhai’s partnership with the community, we approached the creatives in our community for ideas. We feel strongly that this Creative Art for Well-Being project has the potential to open doorways and provide key strategies for young people to safely learn expressive behaviours to deal with strong emotions, both positive and negative. 

Through a variety of art media, students will learn to connect, expressing their emotions through art processes. It will show its authenticity through student-led ideas and self-agency with supportive direction from the creatives. Students will have invaluable educational opportunities, including problem solving, making choices, communication, contribution, connection, and exploration of the use of different media, colour, line, space, shape, size, and composition. They will also learn about the therapeutic side of art through use of colour and printmaking. This project provides an outstanding opportunity in developing art and attitude. It will provide a greater understanding and safe outlet for expressing challenging emotions. Creative Art for Well-Being provides opportunities for connection between teachers, parents, and peers and engagement with the wider community.

Project starting: May 2022

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