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Upper Atiamuri School

Region: Bay of Plenty/Waiariki

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary

Project name: Who are we?

Creative name: Helen English, Claire Delaney

Project information: Upper Atiamuri School is a growing rural school situated in a wonderfully supportive community. We have a real desire to use art to link our school to the local community. This proposed project builds and expands on some work that we have already done with one of our creatives. She has worked with students to capture their ideas of what our school Values look like in ‘real life’ and helped them design and create mural panels. We would like to now help them to understand a little of the history of mural-style art, the possibilities of communicating through public art, and how their own ideas and identity can be incorporated into art. 

Working with our creatives, students will first work individually to create air dry clay 3D models of human figures – themselves, people from our community, and characters from our local stories. These are all important features of our Local Curriculum development, as our area has a rich history as a farming base as well as linking lots of learning we have started this year, understanding the history of Māori in our area. Using these models to look at, they will then learn the skills needed to draw from them; then use these drawings as the content to bring to the shared artwork (mural panels) for the front fence of the school. We believe that the process of physical storytelling will enhance our students’ understanding of themselves and their sense of identity. The final mural adds to the sense of pride we have seen building in our students and community as our school grows and blooms. The 3D figures will then form an exhibition of their own - as the 'Story of the Story'. Students will work with one of our creatives to capture the process of 'making the art' and the learnings they have about themselves and others through this process. These books, working drawings, and models will be an important part of the process.

Project starting: February 2022

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