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Timatanga Community School

Region: Auckland

Art form: Fashion Design

Project name: Para Kore - Repurposing Trash and Found Items

Creative name: Susan Scarf

Project information: Raising Trash Awareness and Repurposing Trash and Found Items 

In this project children will be inspired to explore and learn about the world’s trash problem and to use this research to develop ideas for ways to transform trash and found items into something new and perhaps original. They will design and create drawings and prototypes. Children will construct, build, and make their designs and reflect on the finished item and rework if necessary. Finally, the work will be showcased and shared with their whānau and the school community to celebrate their learning. 

Many of our past students have followed creative paths as artists and art teachers, musicians, photographers, dancers, potters, and actors. There is a wealth of artistic talent in our community, but lately we have lacked people with the appropriate skills and teaching ability to teach three-dimensional art and technology. 

Our creative has excellent credentials as an artist, fashion designer, pattern maker, teacher, and mentor. When Auckland Council funded the Trash to Fashion events a few years ago, she ran the school programme for us and most of the school were either finalists or category winners. At one point, Timatanga was known as the Trash to Fashion school. Her lessons were well planned, resourced and pitched at the right level for all children who chose to participate, including students from 5 to 13 years old. All of our children work and play together with children of other ages. They are given the opportunity to spend long periods of time to explore things they are interested in. We find this is especially important in creative endeavours. No-one can be creative on demand and children get frustrated if they are stopped mid-flow.

Project starting: February 2022

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