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Tīaho Primary School

Region: Hawke's Bay/Tairāwhiti

Art form: Ngā Toi Māori

Project name: Tīaho Mahi Toi

Creative name

Project information: We wish to engage tamariki mokopuna in a process of exploring their whakapapa, language, identity, and culture through the arts, in particular through drawing, designing, painting, and carving. 

We will begin with our senior students, who will work in small groups of 10-15 with our creative to design personal artworks to be gifted to their whānau. We will ensure their learning is steeped in karakia and whakataukī. 

The ongoing project will be shaped by the experiences of tamariki as they engage in kōrero about who they are as Māori. Making deep and personal connections to their whakapapa through their art will strengthen their identity and give them artwork to be very proud of. The tamariki will be in the presence of an artistic great from our community and will have an opportunity to engage with a gifted artist and highly respected man. He is a long serving member of our Tīaho whānau, not the least of which came through the enrolment of his mokopuna. We want to make the most of gaining from his expertise and knowledge while we still can, to ensure his legacy lives on. 

This project is authentic because it honours the mana of a man within our community who still has so much to offer our tamariki. Being alongside such a great man might be the only time some of our tamariki have such a positive male role model walking alongside them as they explore the depths of their whakapapa. He will do it with grace and passion. Over 75% of our tamariki whakapapa to Kahungunu, and in particular Kahungunu ki te Wairoa. Our creative is a hugely respected man of Kahungunu descent, and therefore knows all the local pūrākau of the Wairoa district.

Project starting: January 2022

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