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Te Pi'ipi'inga Kākano Mai I Rangiātea

Region: Taranaki/Whanganui/Manawatu

Art form: Visual Arts

Project name: Street Front Mural - Te Orokohanga mai o Rangiātea

Creative name

Project information: This project will be a large-scale mural (approximately 30m long and 1.2m high) at the front of the school property. It will tell the unique stories and whakapapa of Te Pi'ipi'inga Kākano Mai i Rangiātea (TPKMIR) in collaboration with our creatives, to be unveiled in time for the 30th birthday celebration of the school. It is about knowing, understanding, and standing tall in our identity. He kākano ahau i ruia mai i Rangiātea, e kore au e ngaro. 

TPKMIR is a small kura kaupapa Māori situated on one of the main roads of New Plymouth, but it is hidden between two other schools. The wider community are often unaware that we are there, and therefore a bold, modern Toi Māori expression of painting and whakairo style pattern along the outer fence line would give much greater visual presence within the community. It will also instil a sense of pride and well-being amongst the ākonga and whānau to have a strong statement piece that visually depicts their identity on the main road at the kura entrance. Over the length of 30 metres, this mural, Te Orokohanga Mai o Rangiātea (the creation of Rangiātea), will weave together the different kōrero that all play a role in giving TPKMIR its identity. Who we are as a Kura Kaupapa Māori following Te Aho Matua, visually depicting te tuakiri o te tangata (identity of self); the whakapapa of the rohe, whenua, maunga, awa, and tīpuna; and using the visual imagery inherent in the name of the school: the growth cycle of the kākano (seed). Tamariki enter the kura as seeds, growing, developing, deepening sense of self and tūrangawaewae and eventually becoming Māhuri Tōtara, strong, tall trees ready to make a presence in the wider world. 

Our creatives will workshop with tamariki to teach pattern, design, and symbolism principles, to weave together a story that will visually represent Te Orokohanga Mai o Rangiātea. 

This project will provide students with the opportunity to think deeply and take ownership and pride in their story. They will examine the story, kōrero, and whakapapa of their school and think about how these can be visually represented in a meaningful and understandable way. This project will support and uphold the Māori cultural traditions of our local community here in Ngāmotu, telling the stories and pūrākau which are distinctively and uniquely Māori, and allowing those stories to be seen in the community.

Project starting: June 2022

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