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Te Aroha College

Region: Waikato

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary

Project name: "Grease" the Musical project

Creative name: Vivienne Genet-Ward

Project information: This project, "Grease" the Musical, reflects our creative and educational aim to build the motivation and resilience in our ākonga, preparing them to give five live performances to invited audiences from the Te Aroha community. Our local curriculum calls for engagement with our community, who we believe appreciate the musical theatre form and the opportunity it affords our students. 

Members of our local Te Aroha choir will support our students and ākonga. Our creative has a strong working relationship with the school, and she has been the band director in our past musical productions and plays since 2013. She has helped teach our singers to sing and our dancers to dance in time to the music. All ākonga and students interested in music, dancing, acting, and performing arts technology will fully engage with "Grease" as it reflects the lives of young people in a high school and some of the issues that beset young people.

Project starting: February 2022

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