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Taonui School

Region: Taranaki/Whanganui/Manawatu

Art form: Craft/Object

Project name: Smashing Colour

Creative name: Eddie McKay

Project information: Colour is so important. We want to provide the opportunity to embrace the creativity of our children and open up possibilities that they may not have seen or thought of. Glass art is an art form that is appreciated by many but not widely understood. There are multiple forms that glass art can take, and it is a medium for people, young and old, to do as a hobby as well as explore as a viable career option. We want to enrich our school curriculum by introducing an unconventional art form and career path to our students and community. 

The students will learn how to score and manipulate glass in cold form to produce an item such as a window hanging, garden stake, or mini sculpture. The gallery evening will showcase and celebrate our students’ sensational work and the process they have been through. They will be able to proudly display, gift, and/or sell their pieces of glass art at the community gallery evening. 

We want to celebrate different kinds of success, individuality, and enjoyment. Our creative has worked in the school as a teacher and has an existing relationship with the children and the community. He will be assisting and guiding the students not only in the sessions, but also be actively involved with a trip for the students to New Zealand Glassworks in Whanganui and the gallery evening.

Project starting: February 2022

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