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Tamaki College

Region: Auckland

Art form: Digital Arts

Project name: Tuwhiri

Creative name

Project information: Our creatives are from a Māori-owned digital technology company that has created an app for people to upload their stories for others to discover, Pokémon Go-style, when they visit specific places. The platform will allow mana whenua or anybody else to bring their tales to life with audio, video, or augmented reality, which can only be experienced at the location related to the story. There was a growing desire to hear the stories of all people living in Aotearoa, said the co-founder of the company. 

The company is collaborating with Tamaki College and will include young people and Tamaki College in the creative process. Through co-design sessions and content creation workshops, students, teachers, and whānau will be able to express themselves creatively and be given a sense of personal achievement in producing real in-app content. Students will be able to begin a portfolio and be exposed to pathways to interactive app development and games production. We will also be able to deliver this content during a lockdown, reducing the load on teachers in the event of another outbreak. We will be able to strengthen the curriculum focus and educational value of the app by working closely with teachers on their particular curriculum outcomes. This project will expose students to science and eco-practices such as data collection, eco-guardianship, and farm-to-table. 

The creative team will work with Tamaki College to develop a project plan and curriculum design. The delivery side will entail 3 intro workshops, 3 game design workshops, a 14-week art production phase, mid-production app integration, and postproduction app integration. This will be carried out over a 20-week period which will entail a number of phases where the creative team will kick-start project planning, work with teachers on curriculum design, and work with teachers, students, and whānau through the co-design and delivery side before the creative team completes post-production.

Project starting: February 2022

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