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Tahuna Normal Intermediate

Region: Otago/Southland

Art form: Visual Arts

Project name: Our place, our history, our identity, our taonga

Creative name

Project information: Our place, our history, our identity, our taonga – local history and localised curriculum explored and celebrated through sculpture. Students will plan, design, and create sculptural works that will embody the history and settlement of Ōtepoti (Dunedin) and Otakou Peninsula, from initial tangata whenua through European arrival until present day. 

The project will comprise multimedia sculptural murals and works. The focus of these works is representation of our place, our history, our identity, and our taonga. They will connect the localised school curriculum and local history and social science programmes (including Matariki) developed by students, staff, and whānau to our environment. The works developed are within the Tahuna Intermediate school zone which encompasses the South Dunedin, St Clair/St Kilda beaches, and the Otakou Peninsula and Harbour. 

Two work streams have been identified: 

  1. Our Taonga (3-dimensional mural) and Ngā Hau e Whā – the Four Winds (sculptures symbolic of our school being a meeting place for all peoples from everywhere). Student groups formed through our cultural electives programme will work with our creative to create these projects. 
  2. Hurahia ana ka Whetu - Unveiling the Stars project – a large outdoor kinetic sculpture celebrating Matariki and the celestial features of the Southern Lights and Aurora Australis. All Tahuna students will be involved in this project. Students with the support and guidance of our creative and their Technology teachers will design and create their individual Whetu artifacts that will be incorporated into the final sculpture. 

Our Taonga will be a multimedia mural sculpture highlighting the history and identity of Ōtepoti and Otakou through iconic symbols. Students will brainstorm ideas of items that can be found within their environment such as significant landmarks and history, fauna, native animals, and iconic things significant to the school zone area. Some of the things that students may come up with are seals, sea lions, albatross, penguins, parihaka/ongo stone, the harbour cone, and Otakou Marae. During the brainstorming sessions, further exploration of the significance and history of what they have brainstormed can be explored. Parts of the mural will be made out of core 10 steel which is designed to rust. The rust creates a protective seal for the steel. The design of the items will be in silhouette form with a pattern through it. This will be filled in by different coloured acrylic which will be enhanced by light. 

In all the projects, students will be actively involved in designing, assembling, and coming up with the ideas of what should be included in the sculptural projects. The students will be learning new skills, brainstorming, working as part of a group, coming up with design solutions, learning digital design formats and learning design concepts related to 3-dimensional projects.

Project starting: January 2022

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