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Tahatai Coast School

Region: Bay of Plenty/Waiariki

Art form: Community arts

Project name: Tauranga Moana

Creative name: Anna Fox

Project information: “Our task regarding creativity is to help children climb their own mountains, as high as possible.” – Loris Malaguzzi 

We aim to create a visual art project that enables students to identify, express, and celebrate Tauranga Moana in various contexts, meaningful to different students. For some, these contexts may be iwi, whakapapa, heritage, and for others it may mean activities, landmarks, weather, and whānau. We will have input from our hapū, Ngā Pōtiki, sharing what Tauranga Moana means as a hapū, especially the idea of everyone being kaitiaki of the area. 

The project will be taught through sessions with each class from Year 4-6. Our creative will work closely with the teachers to develop sessions that suit their students. She will be available to guide teachers in how to follow on from the sessions she does with the students. Our creative has a primary school teaching background and will plan in alignment with the New Zealand Curriculum. Teaching will be done through a specific genre of visual art and will include teaching about techniques and ideas displayed by established artists, in the particular genre. 

Throughout this project, students will have the opportunity to create visual art that is unique to them and will involve creative decision-making and problem-solving skills as they go through the process. A visual art project is a great place to begin exploring the notion of creative problem-solving and will give children the confidence they need to develop this important life skill. These skills benefit students in many areas of learning. 

Each Whānau group will discuss with our creative the needs in their classes, what they would like to focus on, and media they might like to use. This way, all art produced after their sessions with our creative will be specific to that Whānau group. Alongside the class sessions, our creative will use one afternoon each week to take a group of extension art students. These students will be selected by their classroom teachers. This group of students will work with our creative to produce a mural for the school based on the theme ‘Tauranga Moana’. All artworks will be displayed in a whole-school exhibition entitled ‘Tauranga Moana’. Students and whānau will be invited to the exhibition in the school hall. At the exhibition, the mural panels will be unveiled, and we will share kai and watch performances by our choirs and kapa haka rōpu.

Project starting: February 2022

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