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St Mary's Catholic School (Avondale)

Region: Auckland

Art form: Visual Arts

Project name: Values Mural Project

Creative name

Project information: This project aims to provide an art experience that produces two murals on external walls that represents the school's values and special Catholic character. This will create an environment that enhances belonging, hauora, and learning, and reflect the special character and the culture of the school community. This project will help tell the story and celebrate the centenary of the school in 2023 and the unveiling will be part of the celebrations.

The mural will measure approximately 1200cm by 4000cm and will be painted on a wall as a welcome to the school, creatively reflecting the values and diversity of the school in a flowing style. The second project will enhance already-constructed wooden diamond panels to reflect specific values of school with paint. 

Our ākonga will research school values and plan and design the mural. Skills of co- construction and collaboration will be developed and extended. We see this project as an opportunity to provoke thinking and reflection on values and will provide an opportunity to work with artists to transfer this knowledge into the design and creation of the murals. This will provide invaluable educational opportunities including designing, problem solving, communication, contribution, and exploration of the use of colour, shape, size, pattern, line, space composition, and decision-making. It’s a valuable opportunity for cultural understanding and connection between school and the larger community. Students will feel pride in the completed project, themselves, and their community and faith. The creation of these art works will provide opportunity for connection between teachers, parents, peers, and parish. There will be opportunity for other staff at school to observe and/or participate in the process. 

Art murals around the school would greatly benefit the student participation and create an improved school environment as per the school’s strategic plan and goals. We are a low-decile school, and this project will be vital to boost our mana and beautify the environment for the children, especially as the mural site is in the heart of the school. Currently there are no murals around the school grounds. We believe the murals would reflect the diverse backgrounds of the students and allow them to engage with the visual arts on a larger scale. Although the idea is based on the values and faith of the school, students will be involved in the process to interpret what the values and connections for them are.

Project starting: May 2022

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