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St Joseph's School (Ashburton)

Region: Canterbury/Chatham Islands

Art form: Music

Project name: Arts

Creative name: Jannette Aldridge

Project information: Our project is built around the use of our creative and her music school. In 2021, she provided our teachers with a programme to strengthen their knowledge of the NZ music curriculum and give them the confidence to teach music to our students across all year levels. Our creative, along with trained music tutors, came into our school and taught our students about rhythm. Teachers were expected to assist the creative and use each lesson as a professional learning experience in order to upskill and strengthen their skills in teaching music. Our creative received feedback from the teachers and was then able to support them further when needed. As part of the project, our creative ensured that teachers and the school were given resources to help with the delivery of the programme. It was an expectation that teachers would have one lesson modelled to them once a week and that teachers would then work with their students to follow up the skills learnt from the previous lesson with the creative and consolidate the new knowledge. The model worked extremely well, and we will continue in 2022, working with our creative to upskill teachers further in teaching other aspects of the NZ Music curriculum across a period of two terms.

Project starting: May 2022

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