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Rosehill Intermediate

Region: Auckland

Art form: Craft/Object

Project name: Matariki in Papakura - Clay Art Project

Creative name: Valarie Ong

Project information: Our creative grew up in the area and has experience working as an artist and working alongside children in various learning contexts. One of her goals is to create a `Clay Culture’ in South Auckland. She would like to see schools working together collaboratively, to utilise specialised kiln areas. 

Our students need a wide range of practical introductory and intermediate level clay experiences. These include clay preparation and handling, clay construction and creative modelling, glazes, and clay processing. Our Art/Hard materials (Technology) and general classroom teaching staff require opportunities to upskill in relation to all the processes relating to clay-based arts. With new experiences of using clay, teachers will have confidence to utilise the excellent facilities we have at Rosehill Intermediate. This includes a kiln shed with new kiln. We hope that our family, whānau, and teacher workshop will enable greater connections between teaching staff and families at Rosehill. The workshops will also allow for families to share their local stories and narratives when making their own clay art pieces. 

Parents, family, whānau, and teachers will be invited to an introductory clay workshop to learn basic clay-making skills and share their own stories of Papakura through the workshop. Opportunities for community connection and engagement with family, whānau, and community members will also occur during the Clay Art breakfast celebration and exhibition (to align with our Student Led Conferences).

Students will attend 10 workshops. The theme of the Workshops will be Matariki in Papakura, exploring local stories relating to the Māori New Year. The students will display their work at the Student Led Conference Day, and we will also have a rotating exhibition in the foyer of the school as work is completed throughout the term and on the day of the SLC. The whole school will gain from the experience as all students will get to do the clay experience during the year. However, our creative will focus on working with four class groups, while mentoring and upskilling the teacher. The art teacher will then filter this model down to the rest of the classes throughout the year. Students will have the opportunity to assist with learning about the processes of clay art, such as kiln stacking, clay storage and recycling, observing and planning for glazing, and learning ways that they can mentor other students in clay-making.

Project starting: May 2022

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