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Pukeoware School

Region: Auckland

Art form: Visual Arts

Project name: Pukeoware Arts Leadership ki Waiuku

Creative name: Amiria Puia-Taylor & Bobby MacDonald

Project information: The aim of this project is for our school to dig deeper into our local history and connect with community members who hold local knowledge, and for our students to develop knowledge and understandings that can remain intact and be shared with all current students, community members, and those who are to come in the future. 

Our partnership with our creatives will allow our students to develop specific Arts leadership involving graphic design, illustration, and technical drawing, culminating in creating an illustrated book that will hold our local history and a large mural located within our school that will depict this for our local community. 

Our project will engage connections with our local iwi, provide a written and visual record of our local Māori history, and provide our ākonga/students and community lasting knowledge, appreciation, and understandings. Our students involved in the project will develop a sense of purpose through meaningful research and documentation (written and visual) and become leaders by sharing this project and leading future artistic projects involving our school curriculum and local community history. Our students will be highly engaged and inspired, further developing all key competencies and gaining a sense of achievement and well-being from their outcomes and from working together on a meaningful project. We hope that our students’ inspiration for the Arts continues to grow, helping them to prepare for possible future careers in the Arts.

Project starting: May 2022

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