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Petone Central School

Region: Wellington

Art form: Dance

Project name: Ko Au, This is Me

Creative name: Selina Alesana Alefosio

Project information: Students will be taken on a journey of a professional dancer's creative process. This school is very strong in cultural performance, and this project will introduce and expose them to other types of dance, namely contemporary dance. The project aims for students, though they can be proud to be of any culture, to not to be confined by their culture or stereotypes such as how a male or female should move their body to express themselves. This project will be taught through and alongside literacy and not as an isolated topic. 

We have identified the importance of emotional intelligence for tamariki and desire for students to identify emotions and the events that led to those emotions, and if they are negative emotions, what they can do to move on to more positive emotions. Students will discuss and read books about various emotions. They will write 'Emotion Memoirs' which they will then use when asked to express these emotions and stories through the movement of their bodies. The final product of the project will be a whānau event to showcase the children’s group choreography as well as a pre-recorded AV with their individual choreography of the emotions explored and where they indeed feel “Free to be me!” 

This project aims to enhance students across each of the NZ Curriculum Key Competencies. They will use dance to communicate through movement. We hope that by the end of this project, tamariki are able to better manage themselves and their emotions, and in turn relate to others who are expressing their emotions, therefore creating a better learning environment at school and a better family environment at home.

Project starting: March 2022

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