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Papakura High School

Region: Auckland

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary

Project name: Tūwhiri - Ngā Pūrākau o Papakura

Creative name

Project information: Students will learn about the design and production of content such as 2D art, story, and scientific knowledge for an educational feature in a geolocation, augmented-reality mobile app. Industry professionals will gather knowledge in production and related fields such as local knowledge and stories to use as ideas for students to communicate. In some cases where students are older, proactive, or connected, this content may come from them or their whānau (e.g., if a student has parent or guardian that works in community gardens or has joint-guardianship of a particular local myth). Our creatives will work with the teacher to map the delivery of a series of repeating workshops against the NZ curriculum and school’s teaching format.. Each workshop will typically run for 3 weeks allowing students to respond to a brief, develop ideas, and create content to be integrated into a live app for them to test, discuss, and iterate on in the following week.

This project will focus on storytelling, voice acting, and audio production as a mechanism to communicate ideas around science, local knowledge, and stories. In all cases, students will be shown the context of their work and taught to select appropriate language and symbols to communicate the game mechanics. For example, if they work on art for a part of the game where the player must either plant, observe, or harvest kūmara, the player will be shown the feature in its current state and be asked which part(s) they would like to work on. If they choose to remake the art assets for the kūmara, they will be shown how the game works at all stages of harvesting and then given a brief to remake the multiple states the seed, plot, or kūmara would be in before starting to create it. From there, the students will be taught how to create a piece of artwork for each state. The creative team will clean up the assets (if necessary) and implement them in the app ready for the players to test later. In the next workshop, students will assess and discuss the result and decide to either remake it or work on something else using what they have learned since the last iteration.

Project starting: May 2022

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