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Pakuranga College

Region: Auckland

Art form: Visual Arts

Project name: Ko wai ahau?

Creative name

Project information: Pakuranga College has started a journey to understanding who we are by looking at the different iwi history and mythologies that shaped Tāmaki. We are rethinking our learning and understanding (with the changes coming to NCEA) to help shape our learners, and we want to create art to complement this journey and the local history. 

Our creative and ākonga from our whānau tutor group will collaborate to design and create an artwork for our pōwhiri entrance. Our pōwhiri welcomes new students, staff, and their whānau as they start their journeys at Pakuranga College. New members to our community can use this artwork as their guide as they look to the future, just like when you use your rear vision mirror to look back while moving forward. Our mural will be the rear vision mirror and the sculpture will represent the future. 

Our ākonga showed enormous strength over the past year, and we want to celebrate that strength in a second work, a sculpture. We want to combine science with art to create a kinetic sculpture that works with positive and negative space. This sculpture will move with the elements, showing change. Change is something our students have faced a lot in the past year. This sculpture will be placed along the pōwhiri walk towards the meeting point where new ākonga are greeted by the Pakuranga College community. It will also be collaboratively designed by our creative and our ākonga from our whānau tutor group. We will also be working with our head of science faculty to talk about kinetic energy and how we can use this to create our own kinetic sculpture. 

Students will do a series of wānanga that look to the future of our journey to understanding who we are. They will participate and contribute through sharing ideas to create a work that will provide hope about where we are heading on this journey. The two artworks will reflect each other with one looking to where we have been and one to look at where we are going. We will utilise our creative’s learning landscape skills and talent to make works that reflect our school’s local landscape. Ākonga will do this with her through a series of storytelling wānanga and design meetings, creating mini artworks before collaborating to make the final works displayed in the kura.

Project starting: February 2022

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