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Ōtaki School

Region: Wellington

Art form: Music 

Project name: Music and Movement Co-creation with Ōtaki School and the wider community

Creative name

Project information: The project has three main aims: 

  1. The opportunity for all students, staff, and whānau to take part in sessions with our creative where they can discover the magic of music in a unique way - not just as an audience member or a performer, but as a co-creator. Through the use of hundreds of music-therapy instruments combined with movements and voices, our creative will provide a supportive environment where students and adults can let go of inhibitions, relax, play, express, have fun, and communicate through sound. There will be three sessions for each of our 9 classes - Taonga Puoro (wānanga with 300+ musical instruments), Waiata in motion (circle dances and songs), and Waiata mārie (shorter relaxation wānanga) 
  2. A small group of students will work with our creative over a ten-week period to explore the healing power of music during “Waiata Whakapuāwai” sessions. Our creative will work with these students to guide them to find positive ways to process their emotions. 
  3. Kōauau (traditional Māori flute) making wānanga - each student will have an opportunity to learn about the flutes, make one, and learn to play it. 

We believe that the arts are powerful forms of expression that enrich peoples' lives.

Project starting: February 2022

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