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Mt Roskill Intermediate

Region: Auckland

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary

Project name: Mātaikitaki: Observations and Putiputi: Flowers

Creative name: Ashleigh Taupaki and Kirstin Carlin

Project information: Mātaikitaki: Observations and Putiputi: Flowers are two separate projects that will take place over two terms. Each project is led by an experienced artist who seeks to provide a group of students interested in art with a window into their artistic practice and experience of working alongside a practicing artist. Both projects will form permanent exhibitions in the school of new and inspiring student work. Mātaikitaki in the Whare Hiringa (a meeting place for student cultural groups and teachers) and Putiputi in the adjoining garden area. Both projects will be used as a springboard for new art curriculum units developed in collaboration with the Lead Teacher of Art. 

Mātakitaki: Observations is a diary practice project that will invite students to closely examine the contexts that they find themselves in. Students will be given a prompt and an adjacent presentation to engage with (text-based work, materials, storytelling, plein air, collection). Then they will diarise what they have learnt and subsequently observed within their surroundings, working towards outcomes on a bi-weekly basis (including presentation of diaries to the rest of the cohort, art works, poetry, and writing). The purpose of this project is to give the students a place to store their thoughts, share their unique experiences, and have a chance to be more aware of their contexts. At the end of the project, each student will produce a multimedia A3 piece of work to collate their findings to be displayed in a permanent exhibition. Students will have the opportunity to share this with the wider school network and invite whānau to a special exhibition opening. 

Putiputi: Flowers is a painting project. Students will be introduced to a worldwide history of flowers in art, coming to understand the cultural and universal significance of such an everyday subject. With whānau, they will conduct research into their families’ personal connection to flowers and forge their own connections. Following the creative through their own process of research, drawing, learning painting techniques, experimentation, and working in series, students will work towards a collaborative outdoor mural that reflects their own cultural backgrounds and that of the community. The mural will be created in panels to replace an existing student artwork and brighten up spaces around the school's Japanese style garden. Works made over the duration of both projects will be exhibited in the MRIS Art Exhibition during Art Week in Term 2.

Project starting: February 2022

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