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Motueka South School

Region: Nelson/Marlborough/West Coast

Art form: Visual Arts

Project name: MSS Mural Project

Creative name: John Jepson

Project information: We plan to create a large four-panel painted outdoor mural expanding around the walls of our sports shed area, under our large oak tree. The mural will be near both entrances to our school, adding a rich artistic expression of our school’s unique identity. It will be the first part of a vibrant corner hub for our Year 5/6 classes to utilize as an outdoor workspace and lunch eating area. 

Our mural project aims to depict the following: 

  1. The story of our school pepeha 
  2. The diversity and beauty of our local environment’s flora and fauna 
  3. A celebration of the many cultures evident within our school community. 
  4. Our school vision – He kura ma tātou. 

During the project inception and design stage through day excursions, ākonga will immerse themselves in our local landscape and really experience it up close and from different perspectives. Students will visit our local maunga - Tu Ao Wharepapa, our awa – Motueka, and our moana - Te Tai o Aorere, creating strong connections to place and identity and then learn to translate this actual landscape into creative expression. 

Students will have ownership of the mural through their ideas and design collaboration with our creative. Students will communicate, design, think critically, research, enjoy artistic experiences and reflect while gaining a rich understanding of the creative design process. Students will gain artistic knowledge, skills, and expertise and our creative will be a role model and leader to work with and learn from. 

The mural will be used as a visual learning tool for all year groups as a method of delivering our local curriculum. Consultation with our school community will be vital in ensuring there is whānau voice integrated in our mural design. Our mural project aims to deepen our wider school community’s understanding of the whakapapa of our kura through their involvement in the process. Whānau will be invited to assist with the design process and to come along and pick up a paint brush!

Project starting: February 2022

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