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McAuley High School

Region: Auckland

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary

Project name: Words To Action

Creative name

Project information: Words To Action will utilise poetry and spoken word to deliver essential creative writing and public speaking skills through both writing workshops and performance workshops. Poetry allows students to weave narratives, explore identity, and incite change. Spoken word provides an accessible, engaging, and exciting way to empower students to express themselves and their own ideas. This 9-week programme will introduce students to writing tools and exercises so they can grow creatively as writers and complete a written poem. Once poems are written, students will experience performance workshops, learning essential presentation and performance skills to help them become confident, powerful public speakers. This workshop series will culminate in public performances for parents, whānau, and teachers to attend. 

The aim of this project is to empower the young women of McAuley High School through creative writing and sharing their narratives. There is no question that the voices of young women, people of colour, and those from a lower socio-economic background are not given weight in our society. As a decile one, South Auckland girls’ school with a roll that is 90% Pasifika, this is a reality for our students. Our creatives will deliver a programme that gives our students the skill to express themselves in writing, and to present their ideas in a performance. Put simply, skill and confidence in writing and presenting will have a positive impact on every standard into which the students are entered across their subjects. And this is to say nothing of the real-world benefits of such skills. Our students are going into a world that does not want to hear their voices, but that desperately needs to. Words To Action will ensure that they have the skills to tell their stories and to take power in their lives.

Project starting: March 2022

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