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Masterton Intermediate

Region: Wellington

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary

Project name: Lift MIS

Creative name

Project information: A Masterton Intermediate School Lift Dance Crew would provide a raft of possibilities for our students and community; opportunities for success which are currently not catered to. The creative arts are valued at Masterton Intermediate School, and it is imperative that this belief is represented through the opportunities provided to students. Through this programme, students’ self-confidence, self-belief and self-esteem will be fostered as they feel pride in their successes and express themselves creatively. Students will have a positive outlet to channel emotion and self-identity, expressing themselves through movement whilst keeping hip hop, street, and cultural dance at the heart of the program. 

Our aim is to provide opportunities for the students of Masterton Intermediate School to be engaged and enjoy positive interactions with peers, teachers, and members of the community. We envision that through positive behaviour initiatives such as the MIS Lift Dance Crew, students will be less inclined to look for trouble and will find joy in their days at school. Student voice will be heard with collaboration between the creatives, the school, and students being a foundational aspect of the program. This will enable students to express their identity and explore their and others’ cultural heritages as they see fit. Student voice will also provide students an opportunity to advocate for their learning and be active participants in decision making processes. 

Students will form a community of learners, bonding over their shared passion for dance. The MIS Lift Dance Crew will provide an alternative form of movement, to develop gross motor skills, coordination, and fitness through a medium other than competitive sports. We aim to empower students through exploration of their cultural identity, incorporating cultural movements and expression. We are confident in the viability and projected success of this project. The open, honest communication between the creatives and the school will be the cornerstone of ensuring educational aims are followed through for all students involved. We have a clear direction for the programme and a shared passion for dance and the positive impact it can have on our students.

Project starting: February 2022

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