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Marshall Laing School

Region: Auckland

Art form: Craft/Object

Project name: Pīwakawaka

Creative name

Project information: Our proposed project involves our creative working with a small group of Year 6 students to create and install a 3D pīwakawaka made from hard materials. 

There are several reasons for choosing this idea: 

  • our school logo is the pīwakawaka and is recognised by all our students 
  • a part of our school grounds is home to pīwakawaka 
  • our students have never really worked with hard materials on this scale 
  • the project will be part of the ongoing development of our local curriculum 
  • a large feature artwork would create a sense of wonder and pride in our students and community. 

It is intended that the students take part in all aspects of creating the project including design, construction, painting, and installation. Although the working group is small, these students will be able to lead other projects in the school from the knowledge they gain through working on this artwork. The artwork will be a long-lasting feature of our school because of the materials it will be constructed from. The idea of a legacy project fits in strongly with our school motto which reads 'Whakamanatia te hunga - ka whai mai' or 'Make them proud - who follow'.

Project starting: February 2022

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