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Marlborough Girls' College

Region: Nelson/Marlborough/West Coast

Art form: Pacific Arts

Project name: Pasifika Performing Arts

Creative name

Project information: This project will build on the success of the Pacific Performing Arts programme that has strengthened the students’ sense of belonging by building their confidence and empowering them to take ownership of their learning. 

Creative Aims/Outcomes: 

  • Provide students with the skills and knowledge to develop their Pacific Heritage Arts 
  • Provide students with a technical and choreographic skills to be able to develop their own choreographic work and confidence in performance
  • Build strong mentorship between the creative practitioners and students to enhance student agency of pathways and careers in the arts 
  • Build a culture in which students develop leadership skills 
  • Enhance well-being through self-expression and immersion in Pacific creative practices. 

Tapa Sa cultural competencies framework identifies key aspects of Pasifika success as being learners who grow confidently and securely in their identities, languages. and cultures. This programme gives the Pacific students at MGC an opportunity to be able to connect their learning to their cultural heritage and identity. It creates a learning environment that is meaningful and relevant with a platform to express their thoughts, ideas, beliefs, values, and cultural practices in a way that makes sense to them. Pacific song and dance have historical meaning and cultural context that articulate the narrative of the diverse ethnic-specific groups of the Pacific. As such, through the creative process, students are able to bring in their Pacific Worldview, which is communicated through the specific songs and dances of the Pacific. It is an opportunity for diverse understandings between different ethnic-specific Pacific groups to be shared and honoured. This creates a greater sense of belonging and significance for students as it reinforces the message that their culture, language, heritage, and identity are valued within their school by their teachers and peers.

Project starting: February 2022

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