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Manutuke School

Region: Hawke's Bay/Tairāwhiti

Art form: Ngā Toi Māori

Project name: Ngā Toi o te Kainga (Part 2)

Creative name

Project information: Students will gain high quality artistry experiences by utilising authentic kaupapa, local experts, and relevant kōrero to delve into the local Ngā Toi o Rongowhakaata and create a series of artworks. The focus will be on furthering their skill and artistic creativity in Whakairo, Whatu, and Raranga, which align with our special character curriculum document "Ngā Parae o Manutuke". 

The tamariki will be versed in whakairo customs and practice including: karakia, tikanga, kōrero tuku iho, sketching, design, noho marae, historical site visits, and of course the opportunity to create a whakairo piece that reflects the values of Manutuke kura. To supplement the whakairo work our students will learn a Moteatea created by one of our own Tohunga whakairo. The moteatea reminds our children of their artistic whakapapa from Tāne Mahuta down to our modern-day masters, teaching our children about the explicit carving styles of Turanga-nui-a-kiwa. 

Our students will study the local style of tukutuku for Rongowhakaata and co-create korowai using contemporary materials. Following Tikanga Māori, students will research and name the korowai, to be first exhibited, then gifted to the kura, and later on presented to our Year 8 graduates. 

The third artform proposed is raranga, or weaving. Artistic expression in areas of tikanga, protocols, kawa, and waiata will be explored. The main resources utilised for this kaupapa are human resources, our tribal experts, most importantly our kaumatua who hold the kauae raro or esoteric knowledge. The harakeke will be source from the whenua, and all other resources such as dye, scissors, etc. will be purchased. 

Te Reo Māori will be at the core of all our learning. The project will culminate in an exhibition entitled Ngā Toi o Te Kainga where all creations from whakairo, whatu, and raranga will be publicly displayed. Our project aims to provide opportunities for our students to learn in the ways of their ancestors, with the intention that they can become carriers of these traditions and life skills, so they may live on and evolve in this ever-changing world.

Project starting: May 2022

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