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Logan Park High School

Region: Otago/Southland

Art form: Music

Project name: Cultivating Diversity for Industry’s Future

Creative name:

Project information: The New Zealand Music industry, much like many creative industries, leaves a lot to be desired in regard to promoting diversity, particularly around gender equality. From headlining acts at music festivals, to producers, to managers and promoters, the New Zealand Music industry caters strongly to cis, straight, white males. As a queer female artist and producer herself, our creative aims to support local talent and encourage diversity across the many areas of the industry—specifically through song-writing workshops, recording workshops, production, and understanding the music industry. 

The programme is designed to fit within the learning outcomes of the New Zealand Curriculum through students working collaboratively with our creative to understand the music industry including social, cultural, and historical contexts. It will allow students to navigate their way to find certain avenues for funding and performance opportunities. This understanding of the industry will allow them to apply their understandings of the expressive qualities of music from a range of contexts to analyse its impact on their own music (Understanding Context, New Zealand Curriculum, 2019). Learning how to write and produce their own music using secure technical and musical skills and technologies (Communicating and Interpreting) to express imaginative thinking will provide students with the practical skills required to navigate the technologies and stylistic conventions required (Developing Practical Knowledge and Developing Ideas, New Zealand Curriculum, 2019). Through the creative outlet of song writing, recording, and music production, our creative will be increasing diversity and accessibility to a broader group of students within the subject of Music.

Project starting: May 2022

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