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Leigh School

Region: Auckland

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary

Project name: Water of Life

Creative name: Hillary Austin Calder

Project information: Leigh has a strong maritime history as we are geographically surrounded by water. The preservation and care of this resource is significant to our Enviroschool kaupapa and the wider community. In presenting a creative performance, students will effectively immerse themselves in knowledge recently garnered through their inquiry learning which will focus on the Big Idea that water is essential for life. By taking this to a wider audience, they will themselves educate toward broader contemplation of this environmental issue. 

The vision for this performance is to create an immersive feeling of water as a surrounding element, implementing a vivid lighting display and compelling soundscape. The scenario, narration, and content will derive from the learning undertaken during terms 1 and 2. Our local community hall will serve as the venue and will be blacked out allowing for an oceanic theme lit dramatically to enhance the staged water. Costumes, body art, face painting and staging will be created by the students with specific designs from their learnt experiences and further enhanced by the advice of our local iwi for greater cultural enrichment. Local talent will be invited to assist with lighting design, dance and movement, music, and theatre craft. 

Throughout the production process, students will dive deep into the theme of water, the tangible relationship of water and life, and how this essential element is to be cared for. They will work collaboratively to produce all elements of production that expresses a deep understanding of their terms work. It is often through productions that focus on a well-crafted story, an interactive experience with high quality visuals, lighting and sound that lifelong educational memories are made. This project addresses a current gap in achievement for the pupils in relation to the Arts curriculum. We see this project as an opportunity to mitigate this shortfall. The participants will by way of interaction engender a more personalised understanding of this curriculum area and its achievement objectives. Integrating the Arts into our Enviroschool kaupapa provides a holistic approach to learning and helps us to achieve our strategic vision of Ako Tahi (to learn and thrive together).

Project starting: February 2022

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