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Kelston Boys' High School

Region: Auckland

Art form: Visual Arts

Project name: Te tuakiri ngāi tauā mahi toi

Creative name: Penny Howard

Project information: Kelston Boys’ High school has a majority population of Māori and Pasifika boys. The school has a particularly strong connection through a 'brotherhood' where the boys really pull together and support each other, and this is strengthened through the support and connection within the school’s old boys’ network. The walls in the public areas of the school are currently devoid of any artworks and we would like to create some murals that show the identity of the students who work or have worked in this school. This will include showing stories of our students, their sense of 'brotherhood', our community, and our local area, with the aim to achieve a visual image of Kelston Boys' tūrangawaewae. Students will begin the project by exploring and learning about who they are as individuals, how they connect with each other, and past students through the mantra of brotherhood that weaves itself through the current student body of brothers and cousins, back through decades of old boys. The school and the old boys would like the school values—Mana, Tohea, Kairangi, and Whānau—to be communicated in the mural to help support our school vision: “At KBHS learning is about having strong relationships and agency through collaborative and meaningful experiences in a culturally inclusive environment, that reflect the aspirations of our students.”

Students will be encouraged to talk to their whānau, to learn about family stories, traditions, and their whakapapa. Old boys and members of the community will be invited to share stories so students can learn the history of where they stand today and learn about what they can potentially achieve in the future. Students will be encouraged to communicate their dreams and ideas for the future from these stories. Students will have the opportunity to work cross-curricularly through researching the local histories and the local red land, onewhero, in their history/social studies classes, and producing a piece of creative writing in their English classes, to articulate the kaupapa of their mural. 

Students will create responses to their learning in the form of individual mural pieces which collectively make up multi-part murals. The outcome will result in multiple small pieces that collectively make up three murals to be erected in public spaces around the school. The individual pieces will connect through the colour and a visual representation (to be decided by the students) that will symbolise the brotherhood that ties the boys together.

Project starting: February 2022

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