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Kaharoa School

Region: Bay of Plenty/Waiariki

Art form: Craft/Object

Project name: Exploring Glass Fusing Programme

Creative name

Project information: Exploring glass fusing is a fully integrated art and science-based inquiry that will inspire students to explore and showcase their own artistic flair through the medium of glass. This project also incorporates other key aspects of the curriculum - mathematics, literacy, digital literacy, and gross and fine motor skills. Teaching staff and school whānau will have a unique opportunity to work closely with our creative, who is an expert artist in their field. 

The key aims of this project will be to introduce the middle and senior school children to the science and artistry of glass which will be presented by our creative. All 110 children (Years 4-8) will have an opportunity to create a small piece. Any children who are interested in learning more about glass fusing will be asked to put forward a proposal stating why they are interested and why they should be chosen for the project. This can include pictures of previous artwork or can be a written piece. These children will not be chosen on the literary standard of their proposal but on the motivation and enthusiasm behind it, as the programme can be adapted for any ability. 4 groups of 10 children from each class will then embark on creating more technical glass creations as well as each group making a collaborative group piece. 

The programme will explore aspects such as colour and texture and the science behind glass fusing along with an introduction to the coefficient of expansion, the 6mm rule and the firing. Students will learn about the different properties and types of glass and through the creation of individual art pieces, they will explore how to create different looks in their pieces which are theirs to keep. Each piece will incorporate what they have learned in their glass fusing theory lessons. The glass fusing theory lessons will be interactive with games, quizzes, and practical sessions such as cutting glass and will involve the completion of a workbook. There will be a number of level-appropriate learning objectives and success criteria for each class.

Project starting: June 2022

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