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Hornby High School

Region: Canterbury/Chatham Islands

Art form: Digital Arts

Project name: Cultural extravaganza with projections and virtual reality

Creative name: Claire Hughes

Project information: This project will turn our school’s cultural event for 2022 into an extravaganza with videos of students’ virtual reality (VR) creations projected onto the exterior and interior of our school buildings. Whānau and hapori whānui will also be able to experience the virtual reality worlds created by our students through VR headsets. The Creatives in Schools programme will be based on students’ cultural pathways both individually and collaboratively. VR technology allows unique artistic ways to express intangible aspects of their cultural narrative with the creation of abstract elements such as spirituality, feelings, legend, customs, community, symbols, and language. Learners can creatively explore their culture as it dominates the virtual world; a unique opportunity with enormous spatial environments where objects can defy physics, floating high above or far below. Jewel-like gems can be created that indicate personal belonging and objects, symbols and writing can float in space or envelop the viewer. It will provide an opportunity for learners to build their sense of well-being and to experience a sense of self-respect, control, and ownership of their cultural identity, which they can be proud to display using cutting-edge technology. 

Hornby High School has one of the most diverse student populations in the country. We see this as an opportunity to excite our students and engage them in a project based on their own cultural identity. Hornby is part of Manaiakalani, the community of learners who collaboratively work to increase student outcomes and engagement through media and digital technologies. This creative project sits perfectly within these ideals of offering students digital citizenship, and the underlying pedagogy ‘Learn, Create, Share’, by delivering visible, learner-centric learning and demystifying education. As part of this project, we will work with our creative to develop a case study that will inform the Manaiakalani group of over 100 schools throughout NZ. We embrace the Learn, Create, Share pedagogy, and this project takes this to a new level with learning about cutting-edge technology, creating artistic interpretations, and producing an extravaganza to celebrate and share the students’ work within the school and their large range of communities. Students from throughout the school will be able to opt into the cultural VR programme and we commit to providing them with the flexibility to achieve this. Additionally, part of this project will be across interdisciplinary platforms where classes from art, drama, music, technology, and science will have the opportunity to create works relevant to their speciality. This is to encourage the wider use of this creative medium as part of our on-going pedagogy.

Project starting: January 2022

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